Zinuce Company Working Method:

As you know, Zinuce was established with the aim of creating a platform for investing in physical and traditional businesses. This company has left financial markets (digital currencies & forex) due to high risks.

This decision has been taken to reduce the possibility of capital loss for both the company and its customers.

Therefore, Zinuce company operates in various fields such as transportation, buying and selling cars, real estate, machinery, electronic devices, mobile (phones) , computers, and mining.

These activities continue for 30 years under different names.

It is important to mention that the primary goal of establishing Zinos is to provide a platform for investment and stable income for people.

The company's income is paid to investors as follows:

1- Zinuce company operates in the form of network marketing, which investors can also earn a huge income from team building in addition to their invest.

2- One of the amazing advantages of the company is that, those who want a return of capital after investing in the Zinuce platform can get their capital back.

3- The minimum deposit is $50 and the minimum withdrawal is $12.

4- Investment provisions are paid daily and investors can withdraw it daily.

5-Individuals who invest in Zinuce Company, invest their capital in Zinuce' businesses for a period of 2 to 3 months and the returns for investors range from 35% to 75% paid within two to three months.

6- Various cash prizes, advertisements, and tourist trips are also considered for members.

7- By buildung different teams, various rewards are planned for members. A networker can receive up to two million dollars as a bonus.

How does the $45 bonus work?

At Zinuce, every person who creates an account receives a $45 bonus from the company. This bonus will work for you within 12-14 days and will pay you approximately $9-10.

Whenever you invest, you can withdraw this $9 along with your investment profit. This $45 cannot be reinvested and can only be used once.

Important Notes:

Based on fair trades in the market, we pay returns to our investors. We do not engage in any illegal trade that harms individuals or society.

We recommend that our investors familiarize themselves with all Zinuce regulations and policies before making investments. When we generate higher returns in the market, we distribute higher returns to our investors. However, when we generate lower returns in the market, we distribute lower returns to our investors.

If we incur losses in the market, we do not pay returns to our investors. We strive to make investments in other suitable opportunities to recover and provide returns to our investors.

Therefore, please review the Zinuce terms and conditions and make confident investments in our company. We make our utmost effort to ensure that your money is not lost.