Complaints Policy

Zinuce, in its relentless pursuit of excellence, endeavors to deliver services of the utmost quality. Consequently, we hold ourselves accountable to the needs and concerns of our esteemed clientele, aiming to promptly address and resolve any grievances they may have. The objective of this policy is to furnish comprehensive guidance to both our valued customers and dedicated staff on the appropriate procedures for lodging and managing a complaint. Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring consistency, equity, and objectivity throughout the complaint resolution process. For the purposes of this Policy, the term "complaint" shall denote an expression and/or declaration of discontent directed towards Zinuce by a client in relation to the provision of services offered by our esteemed organization.


The procedure which shall be followed by Zinuce when handling with a client’s complaint is as follows:

Filing Complaints

To register a formal complaint, clients are kindly requested to direct their grievances to Zinuce through the following avenue: Email to:

We encourage clients to avail themselves of this platform to voice their concerns, as it offers a convenient and cost-free channel for submitting complaints.

Receiving Complaints

Upon the reception of a complaint, Zinuce entrusts the task to one of its diligent staff members who shall promptly record the complaint in Zinuce's internal register, assigning it a distinctive reference number. Subsequently, every effort shall be made to ensure that the complaint is diligently attended to by expeditiously forwarding it to the relevant department or individual within a span of 5 working days. Rest assured, you shall be duly notified that your grievance has been forwarded to the appropriate department or personnel, accompanied by comprehensive particulars, thus ensuring transparency and enabling you to remain informed regarding the designated party responsible for addressing your complaint.

Additionally, the employees of Zinuce, shall make all best efforts to ensure that, in case the complaint is of such nature that it is not formal and can be resolved immediately, to do so that your complaint is resolved promptly. However, the member of staff in such a case shall not:
Commit him/herself in any way to the client;
Address any issues in relation to best execution;
Address any issues relating to legal issues;
Commit Zinuce in taking any action prior to examining the issues in a formal manner.

Complaint Details

Upon receipt of a written complaint, we shall diligently document your name and contact information. Additionally, we shall meticulously record all pertinent details surrounding your complaint, encompassing the factual circumstances, the underlying causes, as well as the outcome and any subsequent actions taken subsequent to the thorough investigation of your grievance.

In our diligent pursuit of resolving the matter at hand and fostering effective communication, we shall duly document all pertinent dates and times pertaining to the actions undertaken to address your grievance, as well as any correspondences exchanged between us. Should you choose to lodge a complaint, we shall meticulously record your personal information solely for the purpose of addressing said complaint. Rest assured, your personal details shall be safeguarded against disclosure, unless you explicitly provide consent for their disclosure.

In the realm of addressing grievances, Zinuce, with utmost diligence, shall undertake a thorough examination and evaluation of the events that have led to the complaint. This responsibility falls upon the relevant department, which shall rely on the information provided by the esteemed client. The veracity of the facts, as presented by the client, shall be meticulously scrutinized and corroborated in consultation with the pertinent heads of department. In the pursuit of any supplementary information required, diligent efforts shall be made to retrieve pertinent data from Zinuce's archives, encompassing electronic mail, IT records, and the like.

Throughout the course of the complaint investigation, the Company, in its unwavering commitment to transparency, shall duly apprise the complainant of the progress made in addressing their concerns. Upon the culmination of the investigation, Zinuce shall compile a comprehensive report containing factual findings and well-considered recommendations. This report shall be presented to the management for their discernment, ultimately leading to the final decision.

While our earnest endeavor is to resolve complaints promptly at the initial point of contact, it is essential to acknowledge that certain circumstances may necessitate a more formal complaints process. In such instances, Zinuce shall diligently investigate the complaint and provide a response to the complainant within a period of one month, conveying the outcome and decision reached.

In the rare scenario where Zinuce is unable to furnish a response within the aforementioned one-month timeframe, the complainant shall be duly notified of the reasons for the delay. Moreover, a reasonable timeframe for the completion of the investigation shall be communicated. It is vital to note that this extended duration shall not exceed three months from the date of complaint submission.

Additional Information

In the event that a complainant remains dissatisfied with Zinuce's ultimate response to their complaint, they retain the right to escalate the matter by referring the complaint to the relevant authorities.