About Us

Zinuce Company is an international corporation that has been active since 1993 in various sectors including real estate buying and selling, global commercial contracts, Track transportation, medicine trading, clothing trading, mining projects in regional countries, buying and selling machinery and electronic goods through physical presence and physical representation. After multiple discussions and decisions made by the company's leadership, it transitioned towards the online and digital world by establishing an online platform, aiming to provide a sustainable and fruitful source of online income for people all around the world, and the zinuce are active in the Physical trade in global markets.

In 2023, this company recently launched its investment system and global referral network, which has expanded to 160 countries worldwide. This platform is officially registered with the London Trade Organization. Owned by ( Mr. Machen Janson,) the CEO of the company with ( Mr. George Biller) serves as the deputy CEO. (Mr. Stef Belson) is the General Manager of Zinuce International. All three of them are highly experienced individuals in various physical and digital businesses.

The leadership team of this company has 30 years of experience in the industry of global trade and has designed several trading systems for multiple companies, enabling them to generate higher returns with minimal investment and fairly distribute profits among investors. With the creation of this platform, the company has attracted a diverse and talented team from around the world, each with their unique vision and expertise. This international representation allows us to stay ahead of the curve and truly understand the needs of global markets.

Our team consists of some of the most passionate talents in the industry, and we are confident that with their skills and dedication, we will be able to bring success and income to each and every investor in this platform while maintaining the integrity of our system. So, join our life-changing membership program and be a part of our journey.